FAQS. SPCF Inquiries

15 Apr 2020

In light of the national health emergency and of the global crisis brought about by the COVID-19, the SPCF community fully understands the limitations of students who are gravely affected by this crisis. If you need help in discerning the sudden changes as regards the guidelines or have a concern or questions, feel free to send an email to info@spcf.edu.ph or contact the following:

a) For academic requirements: 

SINAMAR NAIDAS, 0922-832-7081


b) For admission or inquiry:

JUNE DEL ROSARIO or APRIL MONES, 0922-832-7082 / 0922-895-3986


c) For administering student records and enrollment:

DAISIE PINZON or JOANE ALEGADO, 0942-832-4743 / 0917-510-7073


d) For settlement of balance and dues:

JEMELYN ALIGNAY or MELANIE DE LEON, 0927-363-2642 / 0922-845-9099


e) For scholarship and loan grants:

IMELDA STEVENSON, 0922-895-3985