Dr. Christian Jay Orte receives Excellence in Leadership and Research Awards.

12 Mar 2021

Congratulations to our Research Coordinator, Dr. Christian Jay S. Orte, Global Leaders and Educators Awards 2021 recipient of both Excellence in Leadership and Excellence in Research Categories. The awarding ceremony will be on April 10, 2021 during the 2021 International Multidisciplinary Research Conference organized by Beyond Books Publication. The Global Leaders & Educators Award is an annual undertaking of the Teacher Education Academy that recognizes educators and school leaders from the Basic Education and Higher Education both public and private institutions who have displayed exemplary work performances and made significant contributions to the profession and community at large. The conferment of award aims to encourage and move educators to improve their craft and inculcate passion to continuously improve teaching delivery with the end of producing equipped, skilled and globally competitive graduates. The search is grounded on the meritorious achievements of deserving educator who brings inspiration and make an exceptional impact to the lives of the learners that warrants recognition and celebration throughout the world.