Precautionary measures to protect and to keep the SPCF Community N-COV free.

4 Feb 2020

As part of the preventive measure of Systems Plus College Foundation against n-CoV, all students, employees and visitors entering our campus will undergo a strict monitoring of symptoms of fever, cough and colds starting Monday, February 3, 2020. SPCF students and employees with these symptoms shall wear face mask and will be assisted to the school medical clinic for further evaluation and management. Individuals with symptoms of fever will be required to go home and seek immediate medical attention and must submit a medical certificate for clearance to our school medical clinic before returning to their respective work and classes. Guests with the said symptoms will be asked to leave the campus premises and can return only when symptoms are not present. Unnecessary visits are also discouraged.

We ask everyone's cooperation and support as we are doing this precautionary measures to protect and to keep the SPCF Community n-CoV free.