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Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Social Work education in the undergraduate level shall be geared towards the preparation of students for generalist social work practice. Professional education in social work requires the acquisition and application of beginning level of knowledge, attitudes, values and skills in enhancing the social functioning of individuals, families, groups, and communities, linking people (client systems) with needed resources, improving the operation of social service delivery networks, and promoting social justice through organizing and advocacy.
The BSSW curriculum must emphasize the integrative character of social work within the context of a micro to macro practice continuum focusing on human development and social transformation.
Underpinning social work education is the formation and inculcation of values, attitudes, and behaviors that are deeply rooted in the profession’s core values, philosophy, principles, and code of ethics.

Career Opportunities
Social work graduates work in the private, public or business sectors, addressing social needs, issues and concerns of various sectors such as children, youth in conflict with the law, peasants, workers, women, urban poor, migrants, indigenous peoples and others.
Specific occupations social work graduates may go into:

  • Case Manager
  • Groupworker
  • Social work counsellor
  • Community organizer
  • Researcher in social welfare agencies
  • Policy/legislative advocacy officer
  • Social welfare and development officer in local government units,
  • Social agency manager
  • Officer for program/project development and management
  • Trainor
  • Teacher
  • Social worker with specific client populations with the special needs and in special circumstances
  • International social worker