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Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

BSREM is a 4-year program of practice-oriented curriculum designed to prepare students in the local or international real estate industry as leaders in the practice of salesmanship, brokerage, and consultancy in various corporations and institutions and in the practice of realty assessment or as accredited appraisers in the government with a respectable degree of integrity, objectivity, and equity. The Program enables students to examine real-world best practices in the increasingly complex real estate market.


Highlights/ Strengths of the Program:

At Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF), the BSREM program is designed to properly motivate and challenge all students at the highest possible learning expectations to achieve its goal to become a licensed Real Estate Broker (REB). 
               In the 4-year duration, students are in the helm of Real Estate Brokers and practitioners as their professors allowing the students to have a guided access to a wide range of learning experiences, On-the-Job Training and highly advanced information technology courses.  All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in learning process and assessed learning standards.  This is supported by the inclusion of Real Estate Management Review classes preceding graduation to guarantee success in college, making sure that graduates are job-ready.

  • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)/ Pag-IBIG Fund
  • Housing  and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)  
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
  • Various real estate developers


Job Opportunities:

A real estate degree prepares the student for work in property management, but also equips with highly-desirable, transferable commerce and business skills. A BSREM graduate needs to take the Real Estate Broker’s Licensure Examination to maximize its potential to serve and earn in the prolific Real Estate Industry.

  • Real Estate Broker
    • Duly registered and licensed natural person who for a professional fee, commissions, or other valuable consideration acts as an agent of a party in a real estate transaction. Assist clients in buying, selling, and renting properties.

  • Real Estate Consultant
    • Provide research, analysis and advising services to clients. Offers or renders professional advice and judgment on: acquisition, enhancement, prevention, utilization, or disposition of lands or improvements there on. 

  • Real Estate Appraiser
    • Determines many types of values- assessed values for tax purposes, investment value or potential value for potential investors, “book value” for accounting purposes, rental value for income projections and insurable value. Act as an expert on Real Estate Values.

  • Real Estate Assessor
    • Estimate the value of land or building on the land. Works in a local government unit and performs appraisal and assessment of real properties essentially for taxation purposes.

  • Real Estate Salesperson
    • Perform services for, and in behalf of the real estate broker. No examination is required as stated by RESA Law but there are minimum requirements the applicant must possess.