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Samson ranks 3rd among National Outstanding PERAA member Nominees
Posted last October 20, 2017

Outshining other nominees from various institutions, Ms. Maebelle Elaine C. Samson, was adjudged third place in the Outstanding Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (PERAA) Member (TOPM) National Level Administrative Staff Category awarded on October 20, 2107 at Novotel, Quezon City.

Ms. Samson said that she is so proud to be hailed as the 3rd Placer for the TOPM National Level.

“I know that I am an average person, but I am ambitious and self-motivated. I am happy with what I have but no one can stop me from dreaming. I want to be the best employee, best mother, best wife, and the best person that I can be. This is the reason why I don’t stop believing in the power of dreams and in the guidance of God. This is the reason why I keep on striving to give my best and improve my craft in line with SPCF’s commitment to excellence,” she added.

The TOPM winner is a Master of Business Administration degree holder and has served Systems Plus College Foundation for nine years.

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