BSCA is a four-year college degree program for individuals who wish to pursue a career in custom brokerage or in the field of transportation and supply chain management. The program is designed to produce customs brokers, freight forwarders, logistics managers, export-import managers and government customs officers and employees.

The Customs Administration curriculum provides students with the theoretical education and initial trainings on the practical application of the tariff and customs laws, policies and guidelines that are being implemented by the different government agencies that are involved in the import and export industries. Students will also learn various laws, regulations and procedures and its implication to taxation. The business oriented syllabus includes classroom activities and on-the-job training with customs brokerage companies or with the Bureau of Customs.

At Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF), the BSCA program is designed to properly motivate and challenge all students at the highest possible learning expectations to achieve its goal to become a licensed Customs Broker (CB). 

In the 4-year duration, students are in the helm of Customs Brokers and practitioners as their professors allowing the students to have a guided access to a wide range of learning experiences, On-the-Job Training and highly advanced information technology courses.  All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in learning process and assessed learning standards.  This is supported by the inclusion of Customs and Tariff Law Review classes preceding graduation to guarantee success in college, making sure that graduates are job-ready.



  1. To possess an adequate knowledge in tariff law and its implementing rules and regulations.
  2. To gain an in-depth academic background in international trade.
  3. To develop expertise in ASEAN trade agreement, trade organizations and other international trade concessions (bilateral and multilateral).

Specific occupations Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration graduates may go into:


Jobs for Board Passers:


Jobs for Non-Board Passers: