BSBA Marketing intends to give students remarkable educational opportunities and experience, that will help them build themselves individually and professionally to become socially responsible practitioners and leaders in the field of marketing.

The BSBA Marketing program prepares the graduate through the performance indicators that are aligned with the expected graduate attributes that match the requirement of the industry and entrepreneurial undertaking. The student is trained and exposed in a variety of teaching-learning activity that includes practical project activity, student-centered and outcomes-based education approach. The graduates are provided with an extensive opportunity to gain competency from the industry through the On-the-Job Training (Practicum) and an interaction with the industry practitioners.

The program aims to enable and empower the students to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in marketing jobs. A combination of fundamental strategies: student-centered classroom instruction, interactive learning engagement, educational tours, and company immersion and visit, conferences, exhibit, seminar, training, and workshops (resource persons and speakers who are business professionals), practical marketing activities, market research, and on-the-job training are used to teach students. The graduates are mentored by dedicated, experienced, and qualified faculty members who endeavor to tap the hidden potential of every student and unlocked the block through engaging teaching and learning activity.

The students of BSBA major in Marketing are trained in various courses that help develop their critical thinking, analytical thinking, ICT skills, interpersonal & human skills, communication ability, decision-making ability, leadership intuition, and creativity all essential skills needed to assume a supervisory, managerial, or leadership role in any organization. The graduates are equipped with technical skills and competencies required in the discipline. The graduate of BSBA Marketing is trained to have a flexible and holistic frame of mind to be competitive in a fast-paced and dynamic global business.



  1. Practice professionally a career in marketing, marketing research, advertising and public relations.
  2. Acquire technical skills and competencies required in marketing with a flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment.
  3. Assume supervisory and/or managerial responsibilities with professional competency, moral, and ethical integrity within their organizations.

Specific occupations Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduates may go into: