Joining the growing academic community, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (SCCJ) is one of the newest department among other offices a Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF). The operation of the college commenced by virtue of government permit #046, series 2012 by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regio 3 on March 2, 2012. This granted the school to offer the program, Bachelor of Science in Criminology, a four-year baccalaureate degree course that caters to students whose interest is in line with careers on criminology, law enforcement, criminal justice, forensic science and correction administration.

Capitalizing on its industry linkages and partners, Dr. Rommel K. Manwong, the pioneer dean of the SCCJ, gas successfully implemented the 12 series of seminars and workshops from January – December 2012 focused on the theme. “Facing the Challenges of Modern Crimes by Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice.” The SCCJ is the only criminology school in the Philippines to be affiliated to two international organizations.

The international Society for Criminology and the Asian Criminology Society, The SCCJ was initially composed of 45 promising students from various secondary schools in the region and few from nearby provinces. The previously faculty members to teach in the SCCJ since june 2012 are the following: Ms. Karen D. Macapagal , Engr. Chery Lynne C. Cunanan, Atty. Juvy Manwong. Mr. Eduard D. Masirag, Ms FerlyAnn B. Ah-ul Ms emmein M. Bacbac, PO3 Michael Escalante, JO2 Alexandro Guitobb and PCI Niel Mercado.

In May 2014, there was a change of leadership in the SCCJ. Dr. Manwong had relinquished his post to DR. Marcelo L. Montanio. Since then. The criminology students actively engaged in various activities within and outside the school the school campus which help improved their knowledge and skills, the latest competition that the SCCJ had participated was the 2nd National Criminology Students congress held in Teachers Camp, Baguio City on October 23-25 2015. In that activity , two SCCJ students namely MS. Lynnette F. Natividad and Ms. Kristine C. Dizon won 2nd place in the Criminalistics Quiz bee competition.

With the help of all stakeholders, the population in the SCCJ continue to grow. At present the SCCJ has a population of 167. The present faculty members are the following: Mr. Warren G. Moyao, Ms. Djoanna Mae P. Aoas, Atty, Carlo Eduard Evangelista, Mr. Benjamin Doroteo and Eng. Cherryl Lynne Cunanan.

In 2015 the SCCJ had Fully complied all the CHED Requirements for BS Criminology Program Hence, on February 19, 2016, CHED Region 3 Has Granted, Government Recognition to SPCF to fully operate the said program effective 2016-2017.


  • It envisions itself as a world class institution of learning in the field criminology and criminal justice education.
  • To be recognized as an excellent school of criminology with strong national and international allies.
  • To place itself as one among the Top Performing School of Criminology in the country.




It is committed to develop its graduates to become leaders in the criminal justice profession with high degree of professionalism, competency and skills.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology