In 2003, the institution gave high priority to the need to offer hospitality courses. In the same year, systems Plus College Foundation answered this necessity by establishing a College that catered various discipline in the field of hospitality. Thus, this realization paved the way to the inception of the College of Hospitality Management.

The first two programs, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) and Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BST), were offered. Opening its doors to these pioneering students marked its first year as a novel College of the institution.

Since then, SPCF and the College of Management Hospitality (CHM) brave itself to be one of the Higher Learning Institutions(HEI) in Pampanga that produces highly qualified graduates in the field of tourism and hospitality management.


The college of Hospitality Management envisions in becoming the leading provider of hospitality and tourism education, north of Manila.



The College of Hospitality Management is committed to provide holistic and quality education, equipping students to meritoriously take on headship positions in hospitality and tourism industries, admitted through the commitment of the college to strengthen the level of instruction, research and extension services.

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Bachelor of Science in Tourism